Marketing campaign introducing the new Sherpa program.

Sherpa-FX Video

 I’ve worked on a handful of digital design projects for Spaceflight, but this one was the most in depth, so far. I was tasked with creating something new with Spaceflight’s branding (colors and typeface). It started with a video. Based on the image sequences provided by the 3D model builder, I knew I wanted to use HUD (heads up display) elements. Not only did I build and animate the 2D graphic elements, I also edited this short video based on the script provided utilizing selects from a large folder of assets.

Banner Ads

 I developed 3 different design concepts utilizing vector elements and photo realistic elements, both animated and still. 2 designs concepts were chosen, and from there it was a matter of formatting to create 15 different banner ads for 3 different advertizing companies for distribution across multiple digital media outlets.


I created many of these infographics for various missions after designing a base template. The colors are baed on the Spaceflight branding guide, but all the other elements are my own except the rocket on this particular design. I wanted to save time by downloading a HUD graphic pack, but I couldn’t find anything that matched my vision, and I’m glad I did because every infographic that followed was uniquely my design.

Mission Badges

These exist in digital, stitched, and sticker format. It’s hard to say how many badges I designed overall because some never made it to space and some had last minute changes due to mission scope shifts, but these are some of my favorites besides the digital holiday ones.

PowerPoint Presentation

Since I was familiar with the new branding style, and I already had several of the graphic element readily available, I was tasked with creating a PowerPoint template. These are just a handful of the slides.