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Highspot: Spark


Motion graphics work for an event promo.

Spots Vs Folders


Motion graphics work for an overview video.

Highspot: Overview V2


Motion graphics work for a product overview series.

Highspot: Overview


Compilation of work for an early explainer video.

Mr Rooter


Commercial I edited, color corrected, and designed graphics for.

Pro Golf Discount


Motion graphics for a golf ball commercial.

TILA Mortgage


Character animation, motion graphics, and green screening.

Muckleshoot Bingo


Commercial I edited and animated graphics for.

Tunnel O' Love


An exercise in Parallax with a Valentine’s theme.

Gundam Disco


A group project where I was animator and FX specialist.

Purr-suing Comedy


Mini documentary I directed and edited.

Manju + Mochi


An intro for a cartoon idea.