Expeditors: Ebook


Motion graphics work for an eBook promo.



Video editing and text animation for case study

Expeditors: TCM


Motion graphics, script, video editing

Webinar Promo


Motion graphics social promo

Highspot: Spark


Motion graphics work for an event promo.

Spots Vs Folders


Motion graphics work for an overview video.

Highspot: Overview V2


Motion graphics work for a product overview series.

Highspot: Overview


Compilation of work for an early explainer video.

Bellevue Rare Coin


Motion graphics, editing, and green screening.

Gillis Auto Center


3D/2D motion graphics, character animation, and editing.



Graphic design, motion graphics, and editing.

Olympic Athletic Club


Editing, color, and motion graphics.

Mr Rooter


Editing, color correction, and animation

Pro Golf Discount


Motion graphics for a golf ball commercial.

TILA Mortgage


Character animation, motion graphics, and green screening.

Muckleshoot Bingo


Motion graphics, sound mixing, and editing.

Tunnel O' Love


An exercise in Parallax with a Valentine’s theme.

Gundam Disco


A group project where I was animator and FX specialist.

Purr-suing Comedy


Mini documentary I directed and edited.

Manju + Mochi


An intro for a cartoon idea.