Seattle Home & Garden

Marketing campaign for the 2022 show.


 The client was really happy with how this billboard came out, but at the last minute the project was handed off to another team that wanted to start from scratch, so my design never got to see the light of day. However, this was my first request for a vinyl billboard, and I was grateful for the experience.

Banner Ads

These are a small sample set of the numerous ads created for at least 3 different outlets in many more size formats. They wanted to showcase both the new “urban sustainable farming” feature as well as the traditional themes such as home remodeling, gardening, and DIY inspirations, so 2 versions were made for most of the size formats.

Social Ads

Static ads used for Facebook. This is an example of the A/B advertizing to apppeal to two different groups of convention attendees.


There were 2 versions of this clickable PDF. Since the previous show had been canceled due to COVID, the client wanted to reassure potential vendors that the show was in fact happening, so one version was sent early on and one was sent closer to the show date to let everyone know that this year’s event was a sure thing. I was responsible for the copy, taking inspiration from fliers from shows past and conversations with stakeholders.


Seattle Home Show