Manju + Mochi

Cartoon idea that started when I was 10


Major Manju and his headstrong protege Mochi are just a couple of rice cake heroes on a mission to protect peace throughout the galaxy, especially against the overcooked Brigadier Broccoli and his Coterie of Callous Collards.

I really liked superheroes and mochi when I was a kid. I also remembered seeing those toothpaste promo cartoons where dental hygiene products fought sweets and gingivitis, but I always thought it was strange to make desserts villains. Vegetables are the true scourge, and we should all do our part in eating them before they take over the world.

Also, I’m aware that the original Manju and Mochi looked like M&M’s. My childhood classmates made me VERY aware.

I’m very slow at drawing by hand, but I would love to someday hand draw a full Manju + Mochi pilot episode with the assistance of digital animation. I created the intro using After Effects, but I learned that 4 weeks was not enough time to create all the characters, backgrounds, buy theme music, and animate. Someday I’ll revisit the intro and improve the quality.


The Good

Major Manju

  • Famous captain of the Usu1
  • Reluctantly took on a new partner
  • Epitome of upstanding citizen, with a tough baked exterior

Daifukumochi “Mochi”

  • She’s fresh out of the flight academy
  • Star pilot
  • Troubled past and serious chip on her shoulder

Admiral Taiyaki

    • Head of Mission Control on planet Wagashi
    • He’ll surprise you in a fight
    • Family man, but he never mixes work with personal life


Officer Crepe

  • Chief Science Officer
  • One of Manju’s oldest friends
  • A little quirky at times, but she’ll never let you down

The Bad

Brigadiere Broccoli

    • Leader of the CCC
    • Brussel sprout army
    • Believes flavor is a weakness


Dr. Umeboshi

    • Mad scientist
    • Well pickled
    • Makes evil devices for CCC


Basically, it’s Batman meets Star Trek, but with food. Every time I revisit the concept I come up with more bad guys. Broccoli isn’t even my most despised food. The showdown with Sgt. Bell Pepper is going to be epic!

I’ve got a synopsis for the first episode written and some test voiceover work has already been recorded (I’m currently the voice of Mochi), but until I can get the funds to quit my day job, it’s currently just a hobby project.

Stay “tooned”!