Branding & Logos

Miscelaneous logo designs and branding guidline sheets.

Powered EBikes | Website Branding

Powered EBikes is a new company specializing in off-roading electric bikes. I didn’t know a lot about the e-bike market, so I looked into the top companies in the business along with product images and ispirations provided by the client. I came up with a primary logo for marketing and a secondary logo for fun merchandise and promos.

Jubilee REACH | Rebranding Concept

Jubilee REACH is a community outreach program assisting children and their families. They were open to the idea of a rebrand, but ultimately they decided to stay with their current design. I worked on a team of 3 as the Branding Designer.

3 logo ideas based on the themes of the redesign concept created in Illustrator.

El Oso | Branding

El Oso was a small restaurant in Lake Forest Park, WA that featured flavors pulled from all over Latin America. I created their website using WordPress, drawing design inspiration from the rustic style decor and food.

LarBrd33 | YouTube Podcast Logos

LarBrd33 is an avid Boston Celtics fan with a YouTube channel for Celtics related video content. They wanted to start a regular video enhanced podcast. I created titlecards and a new YouTube channel avatar using inspirations from the Boston Celtics brand in Illustrator.

Cake Kitty Design | Branding

The original Cake Kitty brand had a lot more pink and purple. As I transitioned into the role of a digital designer, I wanted something a little more balanced for Cake Kitty Design.

Video Bumper

Designed in Illustrator, animated in After Effects